Norway Flowers : First Contact


Dear Gentlemen,

My name is Tudor Seicarescu and I represent an union of  cooperatives  of farmers/gardeners in Romania.

We are covering large cultures ( soy, wheat, sunflower, corn etc) , but also vegetables and flowers.

We operate both solariums and greenhouses and we have a micro-propagation plant.

We would like to produce flowers/plants to be exported towards Norway.

You will tell us what to produce and in what quantities. We will export the plants towards Norway by sea, air, train , truck or whatever cargo you will tell us.

Price : we will show you the production plan and our costs. Than you will decide on the quantities and what should be our margin of profit.

If this is interesting for you and can be subject to further discussion, please send us your target prices/ quantities /item .

If we have the plant in stock we will let you know immediately if we can supply at your prices. If we can produce it, we will take the discussion further.

You are welcome to visit the greenhouse at any moment.

Thank you very much for responding in English/Francais/Espagnol/Romanian to Tudor Seicarescu at

Best regards,

Tudor Seicarescu

Tudor Seicarescu, B.Sc., DEA
Coordinator, Agro Land in Eastern Europe

40722789938 | | Skype: apaminerala