Whole Egg Powder

The egg represents the most valuable food for human nutrition due to its richness in nutritional factors indispensable for the human body.

Whole egg powder is presented in the form of a fine, straw-yellow powder with a specific egg smell.

Whole egg powder is a natural product obtained only from fresh chicken eggs, without the addition of preservatives or other ingredients. This product is a safe and practical alternative to eggs in their shells. One kg of egg powder is the equivalent of using 90 pieces of hen’s egg (55-50 g/piece).

The white and yolk (melange) collected after breaking and removing the shells is subjected to processing that includes the following operations: pre-homogenization, filtration, homogenization, pasteurization, dehydration and packaging.

In the production process, the technological operations, the raw materials and the materials used comply with the technical documentation, the product regulations and the sanitary-veterinary regulations in force for food products of animal origin.

The advantage of using egg powder compared to the product as such (egg) is that through thermal processing, the pathogenic microorganisms that can exist in certain cases in the egg are destroyed. In this way, egg powder is a safe food for human consumption.

Whole egg powder is recommended to be used in all manufacturing recipes that contain egg in their composition, as follows:

  • they are used in confectioneries for creams, cakes, cake tops, etc.,
  • in patisseries for cakes, pies, pies, etc.,
  • in catering for mayonnaise, paneer and different types of food.
  • for instant drinks
    – the fast food field

To reconstitute the liquid egg, proceed as follows: add 3 parts warm water (40 ÷ 50 C) to one part egg powder, the equivalent for one egg is 11 gr. egg powder. Water is poured in small quantities over the entire amount of egg powder by slow mixing, trying to incorporate the entire amount of egg powder. Leave for 20-30 min. to completely dissolve the egg powder.


  • specific smell and taste of egg without derivatives;
  • residual humidity: max. 5%
  • fats: min. 38%
  • protein: min. 45%
  • solubility: min. 70%

– N.T.G./gr. : max. 10,000

– salmonella/25 gr. : absent

– coliform bacteria /0.1 gr. : absent

– staphylococcus aureus/gr. : absent

– enterobacteriaceae/gr. : Max. 10 cfu/gr.

– pesticide residues: dioxin and PCB are analyzed once a year at the request of the beneficiary.

Shelf life: 18 months from the date of manufacture.

Packaging: polyethylene bags of 20 kg inserted in multi-layered cardboard boxes.

Storage: in dry, cool places, away from direct sunlight at room temperature.

100% Romanian product.

The price is per kilogram of product and does not include VAT.


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